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Comprehensive Onsite Services

R&F offers comprehensive onsite services, including QA/QC oversight and managing onsite chemical inventories.  Distinguishing itself from other chemical suppliers, R&F has crafted a unique approach to providing onsite well services and technical assistance. This method merges our specialized chemical tracking system with the expertise of R&F staff, who have extensive knowledge about both the chemicals and their application systems.


Our specialists are often present at well sites to closely observe chemical performance and address any issues that might occur during treatment processes. Advanced planning is crucial too. Conducting pre-job pilot tests and chem-add bucket evaluations helps increase the chances of seamless pumping operations. Our experience indicates that deviations from fluid specifications during pumping are usually not chemical-related. More often, they involve unexpected changes in the composition of the well's produced fluids. R&F's well site teams are adept at swiftly identifying and rectifying a broad range of fluid issues. These can include problems stemming from chem-add pump or hose malfunctions, flawed sampling points, or abrupt changes in water quality, among other factors that could hinder fluid performance and overall treatment effectiveness.

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